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Space Planning
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Online design consulting

Tailor-Made interiors to budget

Consulting on your interior via email, video link and messaging - pictures can be sent to me along with your budget and I can send over cost friendly approaches along with mood boards for you to work from. You’ll be able to contact me as often as necessary until you’re happy with your design.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Interiors

Kitchen and bathroom design

it is a well known fact that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. In fact, it is because of this fact that we are drawn to some houses more than others. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most costly part of a renovation - but they needn’t be. You may find that by contacting myself in the early stages of development that I can save a huge sum of money on both of these design aspects on your behalf, both through a close relationship with suppliers and providers and also with some clever styling ideas if you’re not planning to rip it all out and start over.

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Full interior design service

For a full design scheme and project management.

Beginning with the client brief, discussing what expectations we can realistically meet with your budget, I can get a better understanding of what it is that you require and what sort of style it is that we are aiming to achieve. This stage is imperative to the overall process and is an ideal time for us to get to know each other on a more personable level so that I may inject as much of your personality in to the design as possible. 
Following on from the client brief, a design proposal will be presented to you within 14 days from our previous meeting. During the 14 day waiting period you will receive 3 digital mood boards for your approval. This will help me to gauge which direction we are working towards for the final proposal. Once this has been fully developed, you can expect a comprehensive concept board with colours, fabrics and materials, as well as a vague room layout drawn to scale alongside any rendered wall elevations to better understand the vision. It is vital for me to produce as clear of an understanding as possible to you at this stage so we both feel confident during the next phase.
Following the concept approval, and pending any structural or building regulation approval - the final design can be implemented. I will project manage this stage through to completion - managing timescales with all contractors on site and keep you updated throughout the process. It is of great importance that the final approved design is being followed and if any issues arise on site we can rectify them to best reflect the approved design in the process. Furnishings will always be shown to you for approval prior to ordering and so a comprehensive list will be presented to you for all major furnishings prior to this phase commencing.

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Spatial Planning & Layout

for a more fluid floorplan

Sometimes we find it difficult to see the possibilities of the space we have when we are too used to living in a particular way. By allowing me in to your space, I can advise on a layout I believe would work best for your needs and help you to achieve that in the most cost effective way. Alternatively, if your budget allows, we can discuss removing internal walls to create more space and a more open way of living. 

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Welcome to jenlomaxinteriors

From Inspiration to Reality

Jen Lomax Interior Designs offer bespoke interior design services in the Peak District, Cheshire & Staffordshire. We work closely with clients to create spaces with personality and beauty. Get in touch today to set up an initial consultation.

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Renovation Design

Cost effective interiors for the re-sale & BTL market

for several years now I have been renovating properties to a high standard for a relatively minimal cost - helping to exceed the estimated house re-sale value whilst also appealing to the vast market through neutral and appealing decor choices. Feel free to get in contact to discuss how we can help you achieve the most you possibly can for your home value whilst spending as little as possible in the process.

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Bathroom Designs & Styling Ideas

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